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ExhibitionUrban Sense


Exhibition Period18 March 2016 - 15 May 2016

CollaboratorAllan Au


展覽竹 • 光 • 感





竹 • 光 • 感

This installation responds to the vanishing natural environment in the city centre of Hong Kong, in the form of a lighting installation made by bamboo. It is an interactive installation that invites the public to reconnect to our nature through all our senses. Visitors may simultaneously view, touch, feel, listen to and smell the bamboo installation within the exhibition area. Bamboos interweave to form a firm lattice, akin to flowers blossoming on the exterior of skyscrapers. This installation is going to remind us of bamboos’ inner beauty which has always been ignored. The scaffolding grids are cut into small pieces and combined to form cylinder-shaped “Light-columns”, which the light penetrates through the gaps in between bamboos’ ring-shaped sections. When it is an empty space, the leaking light between bamboos will flicker depending on the rapid paced pedestrians outside the tunnel. When visitors enter the exhibition area, the sensors at the bottom of bamboos will determine their positions and spread its location to other bamboo. Lights will dim one by one and drum sound will ripple from speakers. The bamboos will follow visitors’ movement to adjust the glow of lights.

Urban Sense considers the nature of the urban environment and the things that make Hong Kong the most unique of cities. The exhibition looks at the features of contemporary urban life which shape our experiences - architecture, people, space, work, leisure, technology, sound, vision... elements that work together or compete against each other for our attention, to create a vision of what is possible in the city around us. Inspired by the complex sounds, places, culture, history and people of Hong Kong, please join our circular route at any point throughout the mall. Your visit will take you to new, but curiously familiar locations, places that stretch the imagination or change perceptions of what you thought you knew and what may be possible one day.


《築 • 聽 • 覺》探討城市中塑造香港成為獨特城市的自然元素及特性。從塑造當代都市生活經驗的元素出發 —— 建築、空間、工作、休閒、科技、聲音、視覺⋯⋯ 這些元素或和諧共存,或因彼此的衝突碰撞而顯得格外奪目,探討我們身處的城市-香港的可能性。策展的靈感來自香港多元且繁複的聲音、地域、文化、歷史及城市人。從環繞整個商場的展覽路線上任選一點,觀眾將踏足既新鮮又帶有微妙熟悉感的地方,這些地方延展了我們的想像;改變我們的認知,使我們對心目中的已知與未來的可能性重新詮釋。